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Frequently asked questions

What does DERZA mean?

DERZA is a combination of the words cheeky and "derzskaya", but it is not so important. What matters the most is the the product itself.


How did the DERZA come about?

"If you want something and you can't find it, create it!"

In the beginning, there was an innocent desire to buy a sexy accessory - harness, but I could not find anything that would meet my expectations of a slightly provocative, but at the same time tasteful and elegant product.


Most of them were tacky products from sex shops in the style of BDSM, cheap products from China, or conversely, luxury products from foreign brands, the price of which started at CZK 15,000. So I had the harness (GABI) made by friends and it was a success.


I answered the questions "Where did you get it?" By setting up my own brand.

Derza 2.jpg

Why do we use genuine leather?

We use cowhide, which is a by-product of mass production. As long as mass production exists, it is important not to throw away organic and ethical leather, but to further process it. Genuine leather is durable, breathable, adapts to the body and its temperature and is also degradable. Leather can age beautifully with time and become a legacy for future generations.


Can we make a product on request?

Yes. We can fulfill your wishes if it is based on what we normally produce. Our clients and their needs are our inspiration. For example, we have created white wedding sets in the past as well as a leather bra. 


What makes us unique?

As one of the few brands, we use especially soft leather, which is pleasant even on the naked body and has a delicate, elegant and luxurious impression. We use firmer skin for corsets, which softens over time. We want you to feel comfortable. 

We have a showroom where you can meet us and let us help you with your selection. You can try everything in a pleasant atmosphere, have a coffee and get to know the owner. Personal approach comes first for us.


Can the product be sent abroad?

Yes. Just let us know where. We will choose the most favorable mode of transport. Products are also carefully remeasured before packing to make sure they fit. 

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