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How to take care of your DERZA leather products?

In the following article, we will introduce you to methods and ways of treating your DERZA products, so that they can keep their quality and glamour for years to come.

Leather accessories DERZA is best to keep in their original packages. Products should be kept in a colder environment ideally in a dry and dark place. When it comes to chokers, it’s good to keep them in their designated velvet bags after wearing, so that they are protected from extra sunlight and heat.

Definitely try to avoid putting your product in a direct sunlight or next to a source of heat. Like fireplace or heating. The leather could lose its bright coloring and in extreme cases even crack. High temperatures make the leather brittle and therefore more susceptible to damage. It is advice not to use any kind of dryer or hairdryer while treating the leather.

DERZA products are also not meant to be washed in a washing machine. When leather gets wet, the natural oils in the leather get mixed with the water molecules and and as the water dries it dries out the oils with it. Leather thus loses its essential quality and that is something we want to avoid.

Leather is high quality, durable and flexible material, that can take a lot. However it has its limits and if you want your favorite product to last for a long time, investing into a proper leather care is highly recommended.

One of the possible variants is buying a leather wax or special leather cleaning spray. At least once every six months it is advised to treat the leather with proper leather care product, so that the material keeps its quality and does not wear out or tear.

If the leather would get dirty, try to remove any stains as soon as possible. Best with a clean napkin that can be soaked with soap, or cleaning wipes. Doing circular motions get the stain of the leather and eliminate any extra moisture.

To summarise the do’s and don’ts of proper leather care:

Do not:

  • wash the leather in washing machine

  • get the leather wet or extra moist

  • dry the leather in a dryer or with a hairdryer

  • iron out the leather

  • keep the leather exposed to direct sunlight and heat


  • regularly use your leather products

  • once every six months treat it with proper leather care products

  • get rid of any stains on the leather with soap and water

  • use clear napkins or cleaning wipes to get rid of mild stains

  • in case of heavy staining, take the product to a specialized cleaning service

The production of leather is a method almost 7000 years old. We at DERZA trust, that you will love this exquisite material as much as we do and that you will treat your products with love and care.

In case of any additional specific questions, feel free to contact us or visit us in the showroom at Senovážné náměstí 18 Prague 1.

Your team DERZA.


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