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We have the audacity to connect the world of fashion and eroticism with leather accessories. Each product is designed and manufactured by hand in the Czech Republic. DERZA products are extremely sexy, but they are not vulgar, on the contrary, elegant and feminine.


DERZA can enhance your outfit or spice up your sexual experience.

Our products point to desires, playfulness and openness to new experiences.

We use only the highest quality cowhide (leather), which is pleasant on the body, adds a feeling of luxury and retains its beauty over time.

The owner of the brand is Viktoria Dohnal, who works in the field of personal development and has been helping her clients for years to be confident, beautiful inside and out and live an enjoyable life.

connection of passion, character
and elegance




We cooperate with the Brno workshop of the brand


which specializes for the production of luxury luggage and handbags

The products are designed in collaboration with designer and artist Natai Perkoff

We are not just an online store. You can view, try and buy our products in the showroom in Prague 1. Schedule your visit in the showroom tab. 

The hides used are a by-product of mass production. 

DERZA does not travel to you across half the globe and is not produced by children under terrible conditions in China or Bangladesh. Therefore ensures a minimal ecological footprint. 


+420 607 224 190

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